Mar 6, 2015

U- 139 CLASS, U- 140 (1917)

This Germania design for a U-cruiser was the largest type of submarine to enter service with the German Fleet during World War I. The supplemental diesel generator provided dash speed on the surface. Twenty-seven larger versions of this type were ordered, but none had been completed before the end of the war; all were scrapped in 1919–1920. The very long range of these boats and their fine performance, particularly on the surface, was very influential on postwar submarine design, especially in Japan and the United States. All three boats survived the war. The U- 129 went to France and served as the Halbronn until stricken in 1935; the U-140 went to the United States and was sunk as a target in 1921; and the U-141 went to Britain and was scrapped in 1923.