Mar 6, 2015

The SEAL Carrier

The SEAL is a surface and sub-surface vessel designed to transport divers with equipment (Special Operations or EOD Operations), autonomous operated vehicles (MCM Operations),remotely operated weapon station guided by electro-optical sensors (FireSupport) or other required systems. The SEAL operates

    on surface at high speed,30+ knots
    semi-submerged with a limited-signature, diesel or electrical-propulsion
    submerged in a fully flooded state propelled by electrical thrusters powered by a sophisticated battery
    parked on the sea floor

The SEAL Carrier is the basic vessel and operates by a pilot and a co-pi-lot.

Three different modules installed on the Carrier provide the different applications as follows:

    The SEAL SDV – Swimmer Delivery Vehicle for SOP missions
    The SEAL AUV – Autonomous Under- water Vehicle for MCM missions
    The SEAL RWSV – Remote Weapon Station Vehicle for Fire Support